A 100 Year Legacy

The roots of Colorado Industrial Recycling run very deep. Dave and Mike Koscove have metal recycling embedded in their DNA. The Koscove family immigrated to the United States in 1910. By 1911, the Colorado Springs’ phonebook lists Isaac Koscove, Dave and Mike’s great grandfather, as a ‘junk dealer.’ Clearly, it did not take long for the family to establish themselves in Colorado! In choosing the recycling industry, Isaac probably had no idea he was establishing a family legacy that would extend for over a century. Dave and Mike’s grandfather, Morris Koscove, and his brother, Sol, followed his father’s footsteps, founding Colorado Springs Iron and Metal. The legacy was then carried forward by their father, Jack, who established Koscove Metals. Dave and Mike were introduced to the metal recycling industry as kids. The high standards and the do-it-yourself approach that differentiates Colorado Industrial Recycling can be traced back to these formative experiences working for the family. For Dave and Mike, protecting the legacy and reputation of the Koscove family informs every decision they make for the business.

After college, Dave explored a vocation as an engineer, while his middle brother, Joe, took over Koscove Metals. Dave was ultimately lured back to the metal recycling industry in 1993. He began by renting a small portion of what is now our yard. The business started as a one-man-show with one roll-off truck and just a few containers. As he slowly built the business, Dave entered into a contract to purchase the property in 1995. He built our scale house out of a repurposed trash compactor and refurbished our scale from a cast away unit he recovered from a demolition cleanup job. Mike joined Dave in the venture in 1998, while he was still in high school. The two incorporated under the Colorado Industrial Recycling name later that year. Today we are proud to say that we provide recycling services for over 700 companies.

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Mike and Dave Koscove pose with the 1903 International that Morris Koscove used to haul scrap metal from Colorado Springs to Denver.
Morris and Rae Koscove with the Koscove Brothers
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Metric Tons of avoided CO2 Equivalent Emissions Since 2010. A greenhouse gas reduction that equates to taking 5,866,684 cars off the road!