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Colorado Industrial Recycling 2023 Annual Report


2023 was all about building capacity for the future. We made some significant changes to our process flow and site layout to improve our operations. This redesign will allow us to process more scrap vehicles and improve our efficiency in shipping out material. In addition to these changes, we also continue to invest in equipment. 2023 was year two of a three-year project to do a comprehensive update of our fleet of heavy mobile equipment. We finished the year with one of the more significant investments we’ve made in recent years, we hired a new Director of Operations.

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Colorado Industrial Recycling 2022 Annual Report


2022 was another busy year for Colorado Industrial Recycling.  We took on several special projects during the year and made a variety investments to our yard and infrastructure.  After undergoing a thorough audit, Colorado Industrial Recycling was selected to be part of the inaugural class of recognized business within the Colorado Green Business Network (CGBN), a state-run program that recognizes organizations for outstanding environmental performance.  CIR was certified at the gold level of membership, the highest level of environmental recognition in the state of Colorado.  We were the first recycler and the first business in southern Colorado to obtain gold status in the program!

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What Happened to that Power Cord I Recycled?


Metal recycling is much more complicated and fascinating than most of us appreciate. When recycling scrap metal, most individuals only get to see what happens at the recycling collection point. What occurs behind the scenes to turn that recycled metal into newly manufactured goods is a complete mystery. Let’s raise the curtain on this surprisingly complex transformative process. To start, we will focus on the recycling of power cords and cables. In this blog, we will follow a power cord on its journey through the recycling process.

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