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What Happened to that Power Cord I Recycled?

Metal recycling is much more complicated and fascinating than most of us appreciate. When recycling scrap metal, most individuals only get to see what happens at the recycling collection point. What occurs behind the scenes to turn that recycled metal into newly manufactured goods is a complete mystery. Let’s raise the curtain on this surprisingly complex transformative process. To start, we will focus on the recycling of power cords and cables. In this blog, we will follow a power cord on its journey through the recycling process.

What Should I do with my Old Appliance?

Appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners (both facility air conditioners and motor vehicle air conditioners) contain refrigerant gases known collectively as freon. If mismanaged, these refrigerants can cause harm to the environment. For this reason, improper release of refrigerant gases is illegal and subject to large fines. The good news is that Colorado Industrial Recycling and many other recyclers are fully capable of ethically recycling appliances with refrigerants. That said, not all recyclers act responsibly. The conscientious consumer should take care to vet the recycler they choose to support.

Colorado Industrial Recycling was recently spotlighted in a feature story in the industry journal, The Waste Management Review

Colorado Industrial Recycling was recently spotlighted in a feature story in the industry journal, The Waste Management Review. The article highlights how we partnered with Eldan Recycling to launch our wire processing plant.

Colorado Industrial Recycling 2021 Annual Report

2021 was another wild year! Find out more about how we spent the year in our 2021 Annual Report. Like most businesses, 2021 tested our dexterity as a business. The pandemic continued to disrupt several aspects of our business. Supply chain issues, wild commodity market fluctuations, and mandated quarantines were par for the course for much of the year.

Seven Simple Ways Your Business Can Increase the Value of its Scrap Metal

Knowledge is power. Most businesses recognize scrap metal can be a valuable source of revenue. However, each day we see businesses throw away money through the mismanagement of their steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and other scrap metal. These mistakes can result from either inattention or over-engineering of their recycling programs. Thankfully, there are several simple things any business can do to maximize the value of the scrap metal they generate.

A Global Problem in Need of Local Solutions

The recycling industry has gone through a lot of turmoil in the last few years. Between environmental scandals, bankruptcies, service cuts, and price volatility, the industry is in a state of upheaval. Although challenging for recyclers and consumers alike, the current state of affairs could provide the catalyst needed to reform the industry so it is healthier and more sustainable going forward.

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