Commercial Frequently Asked Questions

No.  We trust that by offering competitive pricing, rapid response to service, and transparency we can earn and retain your business without the need for a contractual commitment.

Yes, but we do charge a rental fee if we have not provided service for that container for 90 days.  Our policy is to notify the customer as we approach the 90 day limit to ensure you will not be surprised by the rental fee.  If your business has a difficult time filling the container within our 90 day limit, it is usually recommended that we explore outfitting you with a smaller container.  For advice concerning which container would make the most sense for your business, please contact our Customer Relations Manager, Laura Harris, at 719-390-9500 ex. 113.

We establish a price for ferrous steel on a monthly basis.  The price is usually set by the 10th of each month.  Our prices for nonferrous metals can go up or down daily depending upon the market conditions.  As our downstream buyers adjust their prices according to the global market, we will adjust our prices to follow suit.  Our commitment is to always negotiate the best price possible with our downstream buyers, and to do everything we can to keep our margins as low as possible.  We cannot control the commodity market, but we will make every effort to provide you the best price the market will bear.

We establish our haul fees based upon the proximity of your business to our yard at 2730 E. Las Vegas St., Colorado Springs, CO 80906.  Haul fees for businesses within Colorado Springs will vary between $50-$100.  We will provide an individualized quote for businesses located outside the city limits.  For information regarding what your business can expect for haul fees, you can contact our Customer Relations Manager, Laura Harris, at 719-390-9500 ex. 113.

Our enrollment process is very simple.  We will need to collect basic account information and have you review and sign a few forms. Please fill out our Get A Quote Form to start the process today.

Safety is our number one priority.  Our team can brave uncomfortable weather, but we will not put our drivers at risk.  If snow or ice present a danger, we will postpone until it is safe.  That said, we will do what we can to prioritize your service as soon as it is safe for us to do so.

We inspect every load.  When the load contains dirt, trash, water, or prohibited items, we will make note of the issue and communicate to you what was found in your load (when appropriate we will send pictures to document the issue).  When dealing with dirt, trash, or water, we can simply deduct the weight of the material.  When the load contains prohibited items, we will discuss with you how best to return this material to your facility.

Yes!  We are proud of our business and would love to show you what we do.  Facility tours can also be a good way to help educate you about metal recycling and share best practices.  We also believe it is important that we be transparent and accountable for everything we do.  To schedule a facility tour you can contact our Relationships Manager, Andy O’Riley, at 719-390-9500 ex. 114.