Community Partnerships

Our roots in the Pikes Peak community run very deep. We believe the support we have received from the people of Colorado obligates us to be a good member of the community. We’ve been able to support the local area in a number of interesting ways.

  • Colorado Industrial Recycling works with the Colorado Springs Fire Department as part of their rescue training. We donate cars and space in our yard a couple days a week so every fire house in town can train their personnel in the procedures needed to extract passengers from wrecked vehicles.
  • Unfortunately, the Pikes Peak area has experienced several wildfires in recent years that have destroyed or damaged homes in the community. With our capacity for hauling and industrial cleanup, Colorado Industrial Recycling is positioned well to lend support to the cleanup efforts. We partnered with an area nonprofit, Hope Restored, to assist families impacted by fire in clearing the damage from their properties.
  • Colorado Industrial Recycling supports Concrete Couch, a nonprofit that uses art projects to build community. We donated the scrap metal Concrete Couch used for many of their large art installations. One man’s scrap is another man’s art!
  • Colorado Industrial Recycling has been a longtime supporter of a number of nonprofits. We work closely with Blue Star Recyclers, Goodwill of Colorado, and the Morgan Adam’s Foundation.
Concrete Couch has erected art installations throughout Colorado Springs that they created with metal donated by Colorado Industrial Recycling.
Colorado Industrial Recycling was recognized by the Colorado Springs Fire Department with the 2019 Donald R. Hekkers Community Service Award.
Damage from the Black Forest Fire in 2013.

Employment for Individuals with Barriers

Job creation is one of the most important impacts of any business. We are very proud of our team. A scrap yard offers lots of opportunities for on-the-job training and skill development. Most of our staff start at an entry level and learn on-the-job. Nothing is more gratifying than watching our employees develop marketable skills that will benefit them for the rest of their careers.

Colorado Industrial Recycling has made it a focus to make job opportunities available to individuals with barriers to employment. Specifically, we partner with a number of social service agencies and nonprofits to employ individuals with disabilities, refugees, people transitioning out of homelessness, and individuals coming out of the legal justice system. When provided proper support, many of these individuals have proven to be fantastic employees. Moreover, through employment, these individuals have been able to transition from dependency upon taxpayer-funded programs to living lives of independence supported by earned income. We feel the benefits we’ve experienced hiring these nontraditional employees could be experienced by many other businesses. Colorado Industrial Recycling is always open to mentoring other employers interested in hiring workers from these marginalized populations.