Environmental Accountability

Benefits of Recycling

Nothing good happens when items end up in the landfill. However, when material is diverted for recycling a chain reaction of positive impacts occurs.

  • Metal can be recycled an infinite amount of times.
  • The recycling of metal reduces the need for mining virgin materials. This represents a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Automotive recycling helps remove old, inefficient, vehicles from the road, improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Colorado Industrial Recycling walks the walk, recycling everything we can. In addition to metals, cardboard, glass, wood, and concrete, we also recycle the automotive fluids from the vehicles we process and divert our rainwater to the local water treatment plant.

Industry Leader

Colorado Industrial Recycling has been recognized for our industry-leading environmental practices. The state of Colorado has recognized us as a gold level member of the Colorado Green Business Network (CGBN)

  • The CGBN is a prestigious program that recognizes Colorado businesses across all sectors for exceptional environmental performance.
  • Gold membership represents the highest level of achievement in the program. It requires a site audit, a clean regulatory record, and a verifiable approach to reducing environmental impacts.
  • Colorado Industrial was the first metal recycling in Colorado to achieve gold level membership in the CGBN. We remain the only metal recycler in the Pikes Peak area to achieve the gold level of membership.
What is the Colorado Green Business Network?
CIR’s Environmental Program Overview
CIR Annual Environmental Report