Meet Our Team

A business is only as strong as the people it employs.  The quality of our staff will be the first thing you notice when you walk into our facility. Our team is here to help. 

Meet our leadership team:

Dave Koscove, Owner 

Dave started piecing together the pieces that would become Colorado Industrial Recycling in 1993.  The company at that stage consisted of Dave, some rented land, and a roll-of truck.  Although lacking in resources, Dave had the scrap industry in his DNA .  From these humble origins, the company has developed into an industry leader with dozens of employees.  Dave is an engineer by background, imprinting our operations with a creative DIY spirit.   At Colorado Industrial Recycling, you are likely going to find Dave in the cab of an excavator.  At home, Dave will likely be working with kids on one of myriad of special projects.  Dave can be reached at 719-390-9500 ex. 0.

Mike Koscove, Owner 

Mike started working at Colorado Industrial Recycling in 1998, while still a freshman in high school.  Like Dave, Mike spent his childhood operating equipment in a scrap yard.  Mike is our lead for special projects, including overseeing construction and demolition cleanup jobs.  Within our operations, Mike oversees our Ferrous Department and is the point person for engineering our operational process flow.  Mike is on shortlist for the title of “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”  He lives the life you dreamed of having as a kid, going from one adventure to the next!  Mike can be reached at 719-390-9500 ex. 0.

Kristi Koscove, Head of Financial Coordination 

Kristi has been involved with Colorado Industrial Recycling since its founding.  Kristi’s responsibilities have increased year to year, filling several critical roles within the company.  Kristi is responsible for coordinating receivables and payables and managing our payroll.  As the person overseeing payment to both our customers and our employees, she is everyone’s favorite person!  Kristi has a talent for photography and is involved in various community groups.  That said, her time outside of work is mostly monopolized facilitating the very active social lives of her four kids.   Kristi can be reached at 719-390-9500 ex. O.

Laura Harris, Customer Relations Manager

Laura is our longest tenured employee.  She started with Colorado Industrial Recycling in 2003 as a roll-off driver.  Laura took over our dispatch in 2015, and took over management of our ticketing and customer accounts in 2019.  To say she wears several hats, is an understatement!  Laura acts as our primary point of contact for all of our commercial accounts.  She is a native of Victor, Colorado, and knows all the secret fishing spots in the Pikes Peak area.  When not working, Laura is either spending time with her grandkids, cooking her world-famous green chili, or feeding the squirrels by her house.  Laura can be reached via phone at 719-390-9500 ex. 113.

Don Crippen, Lead Mechanic

Don has worked for Colorado Industrial Recycling since 2017. Don oversees our major maintenance projects. In 2019, we added four trucks to our fleet by assembling glider kits. Essentially, the glider kit provides you with just the cab and frame of the vehicle. Don single-handedly built the engines, the hydraulics, and electrical systems for all four vehicles! He is a true master of his trade. Prior to working with us, Don owned and operated his own shop, Diesel Pros, for twenty-six years. When not working, Don is restoring antique trucks, spending time with his three grandchildren, or sipping tropical drinks at a beach resort with his wife, Carol.

Andy O’Riley, Relationships Manager

Andy joined Colorado Industrial Recycling in 2017.  He is in charge of our Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety Program.  Andy overseas CIR’s membership in the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program (ELP).  He has been active in the program for many years and was the recipient of the ELP 2013 24 karat Gold Award.  Prior to working at Colorado Industrial Recycling, Andy worked in a variety of capacities supporting employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  Given this experience, Andy has a passion for hiring people with barriers to employment.  He has made hiring non-traditional employees a point of emphasis since joining CIR.  When not working, Andy stays busy trying to keep up with his two nephews while exploring the state with his family.  Andy has a passion for Irish history and literature (and whiskey!). Andy can be reached at 719-390-9500 ex. 114.

Chris McKimmey, Quality Assurance Manager

Chris started working at Colorado Industrial Recycling in 2017.  Prior to working with us, Chris served for nine years in the United States Army and did an additional stint in the National Guard.  Chris acts as our Quality Assurance Manager, having responsibility for managing our metal commodities.  It is his job to build and maintain our relationships with our buyers and to negotiate the sale of the metal commodities we produce.   Chris is also a gifted trainer.  He has worked with several of our customers, imparting tips on sorting and identifying metal.  These training sessions have helped our customers uncover thousands of dollars of unrealized revenue.  Chris spends his free time playing disc golf and Magic the card game.  Chris can be reached at 719-390-9500 ex. 0.

Dashon Alston, Ferrous Manager

Dashon started at Colorado Industrial Recycling 2018.  He oversees our Ferrous Department, involving both our Pit and Automotive operations.  The Ferrous Department receives and ships out millions of pounds of material every month.  If not for Dashon’s team, our facility would be buried in no time!  Prior to working at CIR, Dashon was a CCTV operator for a pipe-fitting company in North Carolina.  Dashon loves basketball, hiking, and video games.  Most of his paycheck goes to support a massive shoe collection, and a very spoiled dog.  Dashon can be reached at 719-390-9500 ex. 0.

Shelby Stallwood, Head of Scalehouse Operations 

Shelby started at Colorado Industrial Recycling in 2019.  Among other things, Shelby is responsible for reconciling our payments to customers, invoicing our roll-off services, and creating contracts for the sale of our commodities.  Shelby has a hand in just about every transaction that occurs at Colorado Industrial Recycling.  Prior to coming to CIR, Shelby worked as an office manager at an equipment rental company and as a customer care specialist in a bank for sixteen years.  Shelby spends a lot of her off time gardening and doing home improvement projects.  Shelby can be reached at 719-390-9500 ex. 112.

Kim Beljaeff, Scalehouse Operator 

Kim joined the Colorado Industrial Recycling family in 2020.  For many of our customers, Kim is the face of the company.  As our primary scalehouse operator, she is in charge of all ticketing and acts as the pivot point within our operations.  It is not the job for the feint of heart.  She has to balance a ton of information and is usually bouncing from task to task.  Kim somehow manages to perform this juggling act while providing stellar customer service and maintaining an upbeat personality.  Kim is from Illinois originally.  She moved to Colorado to indulge her love of the outdoors.  She loves to hike and kayak.  Kim can be reached at 719-390-9500 ex. 0.