Prohibited Items

The services provided by Colorado Industrial Recycling have been designed to focus exclusively on the things we do well.  Unfortunately, we do not have the expertise to recycle every type of material.  For more information about what we can and cannot accept, please consult our Authorized and Unauthorized Materials Policy.

We inspect every load of material that arrives onsite and will reject any of the unauthorized items listed in our policy.  If the materials arrive through our hauling service, we will contact you to determine how best to return it to your facility.  When receiving material that we suspect may have been stolen, we will reject it unless we can verify it is coming from a legitimate source. 

Recycling Resources

There are a number of companies that specialize in recycling many of our prohibited items.  For residents and businesses in the Pikes Peak area,  the El Paso County Recycling Directory is a great resource to find recycling providers.